iks aquastar alpha – water measurement and control (test and control meter) module.

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Single water-parameter mesurement and control system for pH, REDOX and temperature.

Set contains measurement module, probe and power station (Item no. 1050)

Also available as: Portable single parameter test (measurement) meter for pH, REDOX and temperature.  (item nos. 1030-1032)

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Product Description

Professional quality and user friendly

When calibrating it automatically recognises the calibration standard and simultaneously performs a sensor test.
Stores readings and call them up directly on the system (without a PC) giving an overall picture of historical readings and thus revealing trends.

The alarm function
An integrated alarm function assures greater safety. You can select an upper as well as a lower alarm setting. If, one of these alarm settings is reached, the Power Station switch socket will be turned off. At the same time the alarm status will be appear on the display. The result is a reliable and effective prevention of damage.


  Microprocessor-controlled : High-quality, low-maintenance sensors
  Alarm function; Battery check
  Large display panel
  Manual / automatic storage of measurements (up to 470 readings)
  Easy to use
  Wall mounting or portable instruments (battery operation)
  Automatic transition to energy-saving mode when being run on batteries
  Semi-automatic calibration with sensor test (for pH, redox, conductivity, oxygen)

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pH, REDOX, Temperature


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