iks Water level module – sensor, electronic module

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Optical level sensor with integrated micro controller. Totally wear-free, with greater operating reliability in comparison to mechanical float switches,

The intelligent sensor also incorporates anti-wave function to protect the connected pump.

Can also be mounted horizontally inside a tank. This gives this sensor a wide range of applications.

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Product Description


  Replacement (top-up) of water lost through evaporation.
  The dosing pump iks Vario LP180 (item no. 2000) has proved particulary well-suited for many years.
  No annoying rings around the inside of the tank
  Practically not affected by density fluctuations in seawater aquariums
  Can be used as an a tool in overflow protection system (drainage)


  Switch hysteresis ca. 2 mm
  Up to eight control processes can be programmed
  Timed alarm for maximum safety
  Wear-free, optical sensor with integrated micro-controller


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